Your Pets, your community, your planet!

OUR FOOD Our Commitment, Your Community

We only make food that you would be proud to have in your community. All food is tested for the highest nutrient content and ethically sourced with sustainable practices. Even our packaging utilizes at least 50% less plastic than any other pet food on the market, guaranteed. That means less waste, cleaner oceans, happier communities.

Our food is made with ingredients such as peas that leave a lower carbon footprint, creating a more environmentally friendly product. Every ingredient is included to increase vitamins and minerals for healthy growth which guard the body against disease and infection.

We select our partners who use only the best techniques to ensure nutrient rich ingredients with ethical and sustainable farming and business practices.

Naked Co is waste free. We use minimal recycled packaging and an innovative bin feeding system to ensure that we do everything possible to lower our carbon footprint and keep our world cleaner for tomorrow.

OUR RETAILERS The best for every community

Every retail partner is committed to sustainable business practices and responsible community growth. With our unique bin system, our retailers have taken the right path towards ensuring that we offer only the highest quality product while doing our part to help keep the world a bit safer.